Sports Comedy, UFC Growth & Building Your Brand

October 11, 2020

#107 - If you are a fan of the UFC, chances are high that you are familiar with the iconic sports reporter named Dave Schmulenson AKA “The Schmo”.

The Schmo got started by trying to work for big networks but continuously ran Into walls. However, he never gave up so instead he created his own niche. In doing so he gained the respect of the fighters by standing up for himself and believing in his identity.

As always you can watch this podcast with The Schmo and I live on YouTube. And without further ado, Episode 107 with Dave aka The Schmo. Let's jump into it.

On this episode we discuss:

1. The behind the scenes of building a media company.
2. What exactly is "Sports Comedy”?
3. Branding yourself in a way to stand out
4. The pros and cons of today’s reporting.