The Art of Communicating in Different Ways

How Interviewing Can Change Based on the Person and Setting

June 26, 2020

Sangita Patel is currently on Entertainment Tonight Canada and HGTV's Home to Win but she started out on a different path.

She has graduated with an engineering degree and obtained her P.Eng designation, but then took a different path completely when she got her first job in television, doing the weather on The Weather Network.

She had other opportunities and jobs in the Canadian television industry before landing on E.T. Canada and hosting Home to Win.

She has interviewed some of the most incredible people on the planet and has learned how to communicate with a variety of personalities in all different settings and situations. Sangita is such a good human, she just oozes passion and happiness and overall good vibes.

On this episode we discuss:
  • How to frame conversations to allow people to open up and be themselves
  • A behind the scenes look at being a top news network anchor
  • Recipe for getting your dream job, or just a good opportunity in general