Kris Behsman & Mario Cecchetti - Camping, Looting & Experiences This Past Weekend

Sometimes You Just Need Some Friends and Some Drinks

June 22, 2020

#100 - Kris Behsman & Mario Ceccetti are two of Ian's best friends out in Los Angeles.

Mario has ample knowledge of camping and legal firearm safety, which are just a couple of the topics these friends chatted about while sitting around with some adult beverages and cigars.

So grab a beverage of your own, adult or not, and enjoy this very special 100th episode milestone!

This is a completely different format of the LenJones Party of 2 Podcast so I'm excited to change it up in honor of our 100th episode. Our regular format will resume for episode #101!

On this episode we discuss:

1) Staying safe when camping along with best practices.
2) Our experiences during the recent looting incidents.
3) What to do and how to react during stressful society situations.