Mastering The Mundane And Tapping Into Your Inner Power

Top online sales trainer describes his experience on how to tap into your inner power.

April 14, 2020

Darin Kidd is an entrepreneur who has achieved success in various arenas. He was a top leader and multiple seven figure earner in the direct sales profession, building massive teams all over the world. He has owned profitable franchises, built online businesses, built a thriving digital brand and created a vast following on social media. He has been featured in various magazines and books, along with being on an advisory council with John Maxwell. Currently, he is a talented speaker, trainer and mentor for others.

On this episode we discuss:

1. Darins incredible experience facing an illness that almost literally took the life out of him.

2. How to create a digital brand by leveraging your past experiences.

3. And how to create a life that is more fun and less work.