Digital Nomad

Living a Location Independent Lifestyle

#108 - Christa Romano may be better known as the Digital Nomad as she's been sharing her location-independent lifestyle on Instagram since 2013. She has visited 60 different countries in her travels, both working and sightseeing. She sets up 1 on 1 and group mentor sessions as part of her remote working career.

Many people can only dream of a lifestyle like the one that she has lived everyday for nearly eight years and she'll discuss how she made it a reality, as well as how you can too. Yes, it can be scary at times when you need to take certain leaps of faith, but it's also very rewarding as you can tell if you follow her on Instagram and see what her office settings are from day to day.

On this episode we discuss:

1. Being a digital nomad
2. Picking up your office and moving it anywhere
3. Building online courses
4. Living remotely and exploring your passions