How To Get High On Your Own Supply Through Breathwork

Learn about breathwork and how to work through it

June 3, 2020

Chris Keener has a long list of talents on his resume, including actor, television host, dancer, surfer, yogi, meditator, and a real-life kung-fu practitioner.

After a series of events in 2015 left Chris reeling, and not in the best headspace, his friend urged him to check out a breath work class.He finally did so, while remaining skeptical.

Describing the experience as one of the most profound in his life Chris wanted to venture further in the exploration of breath work, eventually feeling creating a breath sequence that “bonds people with their purpose and strengthens group connections.”

On this episode we discuss:

·     How breathwork can transform your life

·     The difference between meditation and breathwork

·     How to navigate the early stages of breathwork

·     The mechanics of what is actually happening whenyou perform breathwork